Reminder studies

Studies reveal higher compliance and lower medical costs.

Study Group Reminder Type Results
Pediatric liver transplant
Medication reminder
* Text to smart phone
With reminders: 69%
Without: 48%
Rejection Episodes
With reminders: 2
Without: 12

Adults with sun exposure2 Weather info & sunscreen reminders
* Text to smart phone
With reminders: 56%
Without: 30%

Asthmatic patients3 Medication reminder
* Text to smart phone
With reminders: 81%
Without: 70%

Diabetic patients4 Medication reminder
* Text to beeper
Avg. Monthly Medicaid Costs
Reminders: $949
Without: $1233

Atopic dermatitis patients5 Medication/education
* Text to phone
Avg. Number of
Days Per Week of Adherence

With messages: 6.0
Without: 3.8

Children (aged 6 months - 18)6 Immunization Reminder
* Text to phone
Vaccination Coverage
With reminders: 57.4%
Without: 50.4%

Glaucoma Patients7 Medication Reminder
* Text to phone
Medication Adherence
With messages: 67%
Without: 51%

Irritable Bowel Syndrome8 Symptom Report Reminder
* Text to phone
Rate to Weekly Symptom Assesment
With messages: 100%

HIV Patients9 Reminders for Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
* Text to phone
Adherence to Weekly ART
With messages: 90% 
Without: 40%

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