Improved patient health

Do you find yourself at the end of the day realizing you didn't take your medication? Or do you take a dose and then can't remember if you did or didn't? Do you get tired of checking the bottle to see how much you should take, and when? Can you even read the small print on the bottle? Managing your medications can be a big pain!

Stop worrying

RememberItNow! takes the complexity out of medication management. We help you remember your medications and appointments, so you can focus on living your life.

Schedule your appointments on the RememberItNow! Calendar from any computer with Internet access and we'll send you a reminder at the scheduled time via email or text. "2pm: Lipitor, cholesterol, 1 pill"

If you travel, RememberItNow! will help you stick to your original schedule, or you can adjust the time zone to match your new location.

To improve your medical care, we keep a history of your activity so that you can share it with your doctor. And you can print your schedule for the day, week or month, so that you can see at a glance what's coming up, or use it as a backup reminder.

With RememberItNow! you can stop worrying about your medication schedule. You'll be freed from updating medication logs, setting alarm clocks, and sorting pills into a pill organizer.

Improve your health

And, by sticking to your medication schedule, tracking all your medications and documenting your stats and overall wellness, you'll improve your health.

Less worry. Better health. Two very good reasons to get started with RememberItNow!

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