It's easy to forget

According to a 2005 Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive Health Care Poll, one in three U.S. adults who had been prescribed drugs to take on a regular basis reported that they did not follow the doctor-recommended course of treatment, with two-thirds reporting that they simply forgot to take their medication.

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Stay healthier

Stay healthier by taking your medications the way they are prescribed.

Taking medications the wrong way is an extremely costly and dangerous problem. It increases the chances of severe medical complications, or even death. A recent study estimated that in one year, incorrect use of medications resulted in more than 9 million hospital admissions and more than 18 million emergency room visits.

The young, old, and those in between

Remembering to take medications is a challenge for all ages.

U.S. citizens are taking more medications than ever before. In fact, 81% of adults in the U.S. take at least one medication during a given week, and 27% take at least five medications. Busy lives can interfere with regular medication schedules. Long meetings, travel, overscheduled days, and even the weekend soccer game can create obstacles to following a regular medication schedule.

For seniors, remembering to take medications can be especially challenging. Older adults are the nation's largest consumers of prescription and over-the-counter medications. On average, the older adult takes 4-5 prescription medications and two over-the-counter medications a day.

Children also face challenges in remember their medications, Approximately 6% of school-age children, (nearly 13 million), require prescriptions. Many of which need to be administered during the school day.

Eighty percent of reported school-related medication errors are due to missed doses. This can have a dramatic effect on a child's disease state as well as his or her learning ability.

RememberItNow! helps patients of all ages stick to their medication schedule.

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