Save your favorite links

Easily find links

Are your favorite websites and passwords saved on bits of paper that you can't find when you need them?

RememberItNow! organizes all your links, so you can quickly visit your favorite websites, fast.

Easily add links

Any kind of website link can be added easily.

Save healthcare provider sites, government agencies, senior services, medical research, community services, service provider websites, local restaurants, your hairdresser, vet, bank, insurance company, brokerage firm, or movie theater. The possibilities are endless!

Enter the URL, add your own notes or passwords to each link, and then simply click the save link.

That's all there is to it! You'll never have to search for those bits of paper again.

Star your priority links

Add a star to your priority links and find them fast.

Star prioritization makes it easy to spot favorite links at a glance. You can sort by starred items or simply glance at the list to easily find your priority links.

Build and share links together

If you’ve built a care community, everyone can contribute to building your favorite link list. This makes it easier to share caregiving responsibilities, and communicate how things get done.

To help you track community participation, RememberItNow! shows you who added a link and when it was added.

Share or keep private

By default your links are shared within your care community.

For confidential links where you’ve saved a password you don’t want to share, or simply don’t want anyone else to see your link, just click the keep private box. Only you will be able to see these links. To share again, uncheck the keep private option.

Everyone in your care network can keep a list of their own private links.