Advancements in Health Record Technology

Alex Bettencourt - September 14, 2011

Advancements in technology have allowed people access to information and services faster than ever before. Car owners can skip the often-stressful trip to the license branch and renew their plates online. Customers can pay nearly all of their bills online, eliminating a lot of wasted paper. This also makes it easier to keep track of due dates.

The medical field has been slow to adapt to the recent technological revolution. Many hospitals make use of the latest diagnostic equipment, but continue to store all patient data on paper. Both doctors and patients cite concerns over expense vs return or the security of digital records. However, electronic record keeping has many benefits over paper records and they prove to outweigh any negative aspects. (more…)

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Personal Health Records Help Unprivileged Youth in California

Alex Bettencourt - May 6, 2011

wind youth services Personal Health Records Help Unprivileged Youth in California

The implementation of personal health records (PHRs) is gaining traction every day, and we’re proud to see it become especially popular in the San Francisco bay area. The Northern California Summit on Children and Youth was recently held in Richmond, California and the hottest topic of discussion was personal health records. When we heard this, it was music to our ears.

Why were personal health records such an important topic at this summit? Because the Health Shack Project and the Wind Youth Services, stole the show with the demonstration of their successful PHR initiatives among unprivileged youth in Northern California. (more…)

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Never Quit on Staying Fit

Alex Bettencourt - April 8, 2011

runner 300x198 Never Quit on Staying Fit

Advances in health care technology and medications have added years to the average human life expectancy. However, there is a tradeoff. Longer life means more wear on your body. Joint problems, chronic diseases, and other conditions associated with the normal aging process are even more prevalent. With this in mind, it is important that older adults eat well, stay rested, and get enough physical activity to keep their bodies healthy. (more…)

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Tracking Your Wellness - In Less Than a Second

Alex Bettencourt - February 7, 2011

mobile caregiving double1 Tracking Your Wellness   In Less Than a Second

According to a recent study by the Journal of Pain, keeping a daily record of your wellness improves your health greatly. When you track your symptoms every day, health professionals can understand your condition better and provide more effective treatment. (more…)

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Does Your Doctor Understand the Big Picture?

Kwame Ahene - December 1, 2010

pam and father Does Your Doctor Understand the Big Picture?

Pam Swingley with her father and siblings.

Our founder, Pam Swingley,  started RememberItNow! because her father was forgetting to take his medications and she had no insight into his health care. Many Americans over fifty share the same experience of trying to help their parents remain independent and healthy.

USA Today features a similar story about  Helen, an active and independent 86 year-old whose energy levels lessened over a period of time, to the point where she began to sleep her days away. Everyone around Helen including her daughter Michelle, her primary caregiver, and her doctors had no clue what was happening to her.

Similar to a lot of individuals in their old age, Helen was afflicted with “multiple medical issues” including congestive health failure, gout, and glaucoma. In 2009, her glaucoma caused her to lose nearly all her sight in one eye due to increasing pressure and was put on Diamox to alleviate her symptoms. (more…)

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How Personal Is Your Personal Health Record?

Deborah Leader, RN, BSN, PH - November 11, 2010

isyourphr personal How Personal Is Your Personal Health Record?

Is Your PHR Personal Enough?

With the continued advancement of software, managing your personal health record has never been easier; and it’s never been more personal. Now, at the click of a mouse you can let your fingers do the walking without ever leaving your home. (more…)

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CHR - A Honeymoon for EHRs and PHRs

Kwame Ahene - November 8, 2010

ehr phr chr 300x91 CHR   A Honeymoon for EHRs and PHRs

In a recent Chilmark research article, we are introduced to the term Collaborative Health Records (CHRs). While sweet and encompassing in name, the implications of this novel health recording system have the capability of changing the contours of how we perceive all electronic health information systems.

As mentioned in the article, divisions between patient centric and hospital centric health records can create a potential problem of hindering care rather than promoting it. CHRs are defined as a collaborative effort that seamlessly link EHRs and PHRs, which are geared towards the medical community and patients respectively.

Information liquidity remains to be a pertinent issue and it seems as though the development of the “Collaborative Health Record” can bring light to the situation. Cerner’s Health 2.0  demonstration of Cerner Health and Cerner Active presents a comparable model of how CHRs may work in the future.  Within their model, information is seamlessly shared between the two applications. Even with increased liquidity, many questions can be asked of its viability.

On another note, current market fluxes like Google’s tango with their PHR and Epic’s release of their MyChart iPhone app have been steamrolling the competition in EHR installations.  Meanwhile, Verizon and Orange Telecom have been providing larger Health Information Exchange (HIE) infrastructures to push adaptation towards to CHRs from EHRs and PHRs too.

Until then, I pose this question: What are the largest barriers you see blocking full adoption of CHRs?

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3 Steps to Your Perfect Personal Health Record

Alex Bettencourt - October 27, 2010

paperwork 3 Steps to Your Perfect Personal Health Record

When you first visit a new health care professional, some common questions they ask you include:

“Do you have any history of diabetes or high blood pressure in your family?”

“When was your last immunization and what were the dates?”

“Are you on any medications, and if so what are the current names of your medications?”

How many of us can answer all of these questions at the top of our head? Not many. It’s even harder when you have a pounding headache, high fever, and feel completely fatigued from the flu. I don’t know how the nurse understood my mumbling as she scribbled down my answers on her clipboard. (more…)

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The Future of Health Care from a 22-year-old Perspective

Kwame Ahene - October 14, 2010

kwamemobile The Future of Health Care from a 22 year old Perspective

In the 21st Century, technology has become commonplace in all areas of our lives. For instance, during a typical weekend morning ritual, I check my phone for any missed calls, check and respond to my e-mail, then text my friends to see if they want to play basketball later on in the day.

Throughout the day I continue the correspondence, organizing and planning my weekend’s festivities while commenting on my friends’ Facebook, geolocating my position on Foursquare, and discovering new nightspots on Yelp. (more…)

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Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!

Alex Bettencourt - September 10, 2010

vaulticon 300x225 Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!Have you ever wished you could keep track of all your important medical records in a safer place than a flimsy folder?

Do you ever find yourself searching for that little piece of paper listing important information about your visit in the hospital ages ago?

Now you can track all that information and more with the RememberItNow! Vault. We have recently updated our software with the features you asked for. The RememberItNow! Vault allows you to track all of your medical history and store your medical records. Get a glimpse of the new Vault page below:


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