RememberItNow! - Disrupting the Way We Live and Work

Alex Bettencourt - October 10, 2011

DD LOGO9 2 RememberItNow!   Disrupting the Way We Live and Work

We are proud to announce that RememberItNow! has recently been profiled on for being “one of the best way people can take control of their health.” is a new website for Disrupt TV, a new online program that profiles early stage companies that disrupt the way we live and work.  It airs on the front page of WebMD and in 127 countries around the world on Voice of America.

We were more than flattered to be profiled as a “Disruptor” this past week. See our profile here and share your thoughts! If you would like to share your personal experience with RememberItNow! please let us know be emailing Alex Bettencourt at ABettencourt (at) RememberItNow (dot) com.  Or, share your RememberItNow! feedback through this short survey.

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“How to Profit from the mHealth Revolution” Free eBook

Alex Bettencourt - July 27, 2011

Valuable guide reveals 6 critical rules for using the power of mobile to transform patient relationships across the healthcare ecosystem.

July 26th, 2011 Orinda CA - A new eBook, “How to Profit from the mHealth Revolution: Critical Rules for Using the Power of Mobile to Transform Your Patient Relationships” is now available for free download from Mobile PRM, the experts in mobile patient relationship management.

The eBook, written by Pamela Swingley, founder and CEO of Mobile PRM, is based upon more than two decades of customer relationship management expertise in the enterprise software industry. (more…)

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Top 10 Mobile Health & Medication Adherence Research Reports

Alex Bettencourt - July 18, 2011

top 10 Top 10 Mobile Health & Medication Adherence Research Reports

If you’re ready to learn as much as possible about the latest research on mobile health and medication adherence, you might feel a little overwhelmed. A quick Google Scholar search can give you more than 10 pages of results; which is why we did all the hard work for you. Below are our top 10 favorite reports on mHealth and medication adherence. Enjoy!

1. “Medication Adherence:  Making the Case for Increased Awareness”
Co-authored by Hayden B. Bosworth at Duke University Medical Center, and the National Consumers League. This report evaluates the different causes of medication non- adherence from: delaying prescription fills, failing to fill prescriptions, cutting dosages, and more. The data in this report also reveals how poor adherence leads to considerable morbidity, mortality, and avoidable health care costs. (more…)

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Top 8 Mobile Health News Resources

Alex Bettencourt - June 27, 2011

The mobile health industry is expanding rapidly every day thanks to smart phone adoption.  According to a Neilson research report, approximately 25% of current U.S. cell phones are smart phones.  This rate will exceed 50% by the end of 2011!  Imagine the tsunami of participation and interest in mobile health by 2012.

It can be slightly overwhelming to ride along the waves of  mobile health technology because there are numerous advances to keep track of every day. If you’re wondering where to turn  for the latest mobile health news, don’t worry any longer. We have compiled a list of our top 10 resources for mobile health news. See our favorite resources below and discover the latest mHealth news and what it means for you.

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Meet Dr. Soon-Shiong - Our Nation’s Game-Changer in Health Care

Alex Bettencourt - March 3, 2011

patricksoon shiong 300x210 Meet Dr. Soon Shiong   Our Nations Game Changer in Health Care

If you don’t know who Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is, you should. He’s the South African-American surgeon who was founder, chairman, and CEO of Abraxis BioScience, a biotechnology company developing cancer treatment.  He’s also part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and he recently acquired Vitality Glow Caps.

A revolutionary leader, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has made it his personal duty to improve our nation’s health with the expansion of wireless products. This recently caught the attention of CNBC reporter, Jane Wells. You can view her interview with him here.

In Wells’ recent interview with Soon-Shiong, she asks him what he plans to accomplish with his billion dollar investment in health care. Although Wells’ tone seems judgmental, Soon-Shiong gracefully explains how he wants to make the next generation of 21st century medicine available to the entire nation.

Soon-Shiong emphasizes the newest advancements in health care technology, “are not going to be made by molecular biologists, but by mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists figuring out a way to get all your health information together at the point of care.” (more…)

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The Revolution of mHealth

Alex Bettencourt - February 28, 2011

A Window of Opportunity for Digital Marketing

woman with smartphone The Revolution of mHealth

Marketing to patients has been the same for ages. Not much has changed from educating doctors to pass brochures and handouts to patients, to advertising on television and print to reach the masses. These conventional marketing channels are not effective anymore. (more…)

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What is the Best mHealth Strategy for You?

Alex Bettencourt - February 25, 2011

mobile health movement What is the Best mHealth Strategy for You?

We can all agree smart phone adoption is rapidly increasing, and following close behind is the market of mobile health services. With more than 10,000 health apps in the Apple iPhone store alone, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Many pharma marketing executives are scratching their heads wondering, “What is the best mobile health solution for my company?”

Mobile health is something different to everyone. It’s not one size does fits all. It means something different to marketing organizations, patients, and doctors. First we should clarify the general meaning of mHealth.

mHealth – It’s More Than an iPhone App

According to Wikipedia, mHealth is a new term used for the practice of medical and public health, supported by mobile devices.  Wikipedia also notes that there is a strong relationship between eHealth and mobile health. For example, an mHealth project that uses mobile phones to access data on HIV/AIDS rates would require an eHealth system in order to manage, store, and assess the data. Thus, eHealth projects many times operate as the backbone of mHealth projects. (more…)

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Introducing RememberItNow! Tweets

Alex Bettencourt - February 24, 2011

Have you ever come across an inspirational quote that brightened up your day a little? Or maybe you were leafing through a magazine and stumbled upon an interesting fact you wish you could share with friends. (more…)

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A Reminder from Pew of The Power of Mobile for Health Care

Pamela Swingley - February 15, 2011

When I started working on RememberItNow! I was bursting with enthusiasm at the prospect of really helping people to manage their health. I would dream about features for our software. I’d leap from bed to start work at 5:00 am and not stop until 10:00 pm loving every second of it. I was thrilled to be able to see the future, and leverage the vision to make things better for my Dad and others like him that struggle to manage complicated healthcare schedules.

But lately, it’s been alot harder to get inspired. And just when I start to think it’s not worth the effort, I run across a piece on the Internet like this one by thought leader Susannah Fox at Pew Research about the Power of Mobile. It really helps to find others that share the passion and vision.

Susannah wraps up her presentation with a few thoughts looking back at the landscape.

“The access revolution is over. Mobile is changing us, changing our frame of reference so that we see information as portable, personalized, and participatory.

Health care has a marvelous opportunity tap in to our ancient instincts to share and our modern ability to do so at internet speed.

Build on the new frontier. Build on the power of mobile.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you Susannah for the reminder that what we do really matters.

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Mobile Health Market Top 10 Trends - Part 1

Alex Bettencourt - January 7, 2011

mhealth taking the pulse Mobile Health Market Top 10 Trends   Part 1

For those of you that have read the recent Pew Internet and American Life Project, you might recall their discoveries in regards to mobile health. It noted, “15 percent of 18- to 29- year olds had a mobile health app on their phone, compared to 8 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds, 6 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds, and 5 percent of people 65-years-old and older.” (more…)

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