Forgetting Your Medication - 5 Surprising Facts

Alex Bettencourt - May 7, 2010

as featured in vbm Forgetting Your Medication   5 Surprising Facts

Hooray!  ”Forgetting Your Medication - 5 Surprising Facts” to the Voluntary Benefits Magazine, was featured by Voluntary Benefits Magazine.

Pam Swingley, our CEO discusses medication noncompliance in the workforce. It’s a bigger problem than we realize and is costing our country billions of dollars. Most of this financial burden is carried by employers who provide health insurance and benefits.

Read Pam’s article here, and discover the shocking costs of forgetting your pills, the new priorities in employee health objectives, the solutions in mobile health, and what to look for in a medication reminder service.

If you would like to contribute to this discussion, please do so! Let us know what you think about the future of health care and medication management.

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Medication Reminders - What’s The Right Type for You?

Alex Bettencourt - March 27, 2010

Medication reminders, who needs ‘em? Well, when two-thirds of Americans currently use some form of medicine, (49 percent use prescription drugs and 30 percent use nonprescription medications), reminders aren’t such a bad idea.

In fact they should be the solution we should all focus on when the number one problem for treating illness today is because of patient noncompliance, at every age. In order to fix this problem, medication reminders have become more technologically advanced. Some of the latest innovations include the Tattletale Pill, the MagneTrace necklace , Pill Pets, and various smartphone medication reminder applications.

1. The Tattetale Pill
Its name gives away its most basic function; it tells on you when you forget your pills. Caregivers, family, friends, and anyone else helping you manage your health are alerted when a dose is missed. How is this possible? The Tattletale Pill is not necessarily a pill, but a capsule that contains tiny digestible antennas and a microchip the size of a period.

Sounds like a seamless solution right? There are still a few catches. The user must wear a small electronic device which signals a cell phone or laptop and powers the pill through faint bursts of extremely low-voltage electricity. As time passes, the antenna breaks down from the user’s stomach acid, and the microchip is passed along out of the digestive system. (more…)

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New Research Reveals Medication Management is Getting Worse

Alex Bettencourt - March 15, 2010

man taking pills New Research Reveals Medication Management is Getting Worse

New studies show that seniors are struggling more than ever with multiple medication usage. MedCo Health Solutions and Kelton Research surveyed over a 1,000 people at age 65 and older, and discovered that more than half (51 percent) took at least five different prescription drugs regularly. Even worse, one out of four took between 10 to 19 pills each day!

No one can really answer why this number is so high, but the shocking news doesn’t stop there. The survey also reported that 57 percent of the group (three out of five seniors), forgot to take their medications completely.

Researchers learned that the more medications a senior took, the more likely they they forgot their doses. For example, 63% reported they forgot their doses if they took five or more medications, compared to the 51% who took less pills.

Managing medications is tough for everyone, and it’s especially hard the more pills you take. The Kelton Research report also revealed 34% (more than one-third) of seniors that took 5 or prescriptions, didn’t feel they educated enough on the side effects of their medicine.

Thirty-five percent couldn’t even name all the medications they took. Don’t fall under this category and take control of your health, or your loved one’s health by reading the following tips:

*  Eleven Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Medication

*  Four Quick Tips for Buying Your Medication Online

*  Tips on Becoming an Empowered Patient

*  Four Great Places To Research Your Medication

Hopefully managing your medication will be easier after reading these suggestions. Remember, it’s always helpful to set up medication reminders, whether it’s by alarm, text-message, or more, the solutions are out there and we are always here to help.

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Push vs. Text

Alex Bettencourt - March 5, 2010

iphone push2 168x300 Push vs. TextMaybe you have or haven’t noticed, but text message rates are increasing this year from 10 to 20 cents a message. Many of us are left grumbling and wondering why.  Well, there actually isn’t much of an explanation, at least not one we can get our hands on.

When Senator Herb Kohl, Democrat of Wisconsin, asked major American phone companies about the text message rate increase, he received lengthy, but private written responses of the pricing plans.

Unfortunately, the responses are still not allowed to be released publicly. And when Randall Strauss of the New York Times tried to research this topic as well, his attempts to speak with mobile phone representatives were blocked. Big surprise.

What does this mean for us?

It might be time to look for other options, like push notifications. Push notifications alert your iPhone when a message has arrived from another service like Skype or Twitter. (more…)

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Medication Reminders - Home Devices

Alex Bettencourt - February 11, 2010

medication reminder pill dispenser2 150x150 Medication Reminders   Home Devices

Tips about Home Device Medication Reminders
When it comes to medications reminders, you have a number of choices, from those that you wear, to reminders that come on your phone, to devices that are used in your own home.

Home medication reminder devices have developed into so much more than the old fashioned pill box dispenser. They’re more compact and convenient than ever. (more…)

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Medication Reminders - Alarm Watches

Alex Bettencourt - February 10, 2010

Remember your Pills with an Alarm Watch
Medication reminders come in all sorts of shapes in sizes. One of the most popular types of medication reminders come in watch form.

Getting a watch alarm is a great idea if you are active. You never have to worry about losing your medication reminder because it’s on you.

So, how do you choose the right medication alarm watch? It’s probably best to start searching online. One of the most popular websites to look for alarm watch medication reminders is ePill.

What Alarm Watch is Right for You?
Although this site can be overwhelming, it’s best to just to type in “alarm watch” in the search box. As you navigate straight to your list of choices, think about other types of criteria you want in your medication reminder alarm watch.

* Do you want your alarm watch to be digital or normal?

* Do you want a pocket watch or wristwatch?

* Do you want the option of having more than 12 alarms or more? Or less?

* Do you want your medical ID on it, or do you prefer a subtle look?

There are a lot of options and prices to having a medication reminder watch. You’ll see that most of them are not cheap and range between $70.00 - $90.00. (more…)

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RememberItNow! Launches eHealth Survey Using Social Media Channels

Alex Bettencourt - December 9, 2009

Innovative online poll seeks feedback from healthcare, long-term care, and employee benefits professionals on a new eHealth service.

Orinda, CA (PRWEB) December 9, 2009 — RememberItNow! LLC, today announced the launch of a research project that leverages social media channels to gather feedback on a new patient-centric eHealth service. The online service includes medication reminders, a personal health record, and private care community.

“We built RememberItNow! by continually listening to the needs of patients and caregivers,” notes Pamela Swingley, founder of RememberItNow!

“Now that we are closer to launch, insight from a variety of industry professionals is just as critical. As a start-up in a fast-moving industry, leveraging social media channels is simply the fastest and least expensive method for us to get feedback.”

After watching an entertaining flash-based overview of the service, viewers are asked for feedback through a short poll. RememberItNow! distributed the survey presentations through several social media channels. The company aims to quickly reach a wide audience of professionals who share honest insights into the value of the eHealth service for their industry.

To clarify the benefits for each market segment, RememberItNow! designed three different presentations and polls for the following audiences:

* Employee benefits: View the presentation: HR/Benefit Professionals: Tell Us What You Think

* Long-term care: View the presentation: Long-term Care Professionals: Tell Us What You Think

* HMOs and medical groups: View the presentation: Health Care Professionals: Tell Us What You Think

Two online free tools were used to create the polls. Prezi, the revolutionary, flash-based presentation system was used to create the dynamic overviews. Prezi presentations can be quickly shared via link, or easily embedded into a blog. Survey data is captured and analyzed by SurveyGizmo, an easy-to-use web-survey tool. “Not only do these tools work really well, they both have free versions,” recommends Swingley.

The survey was distributed through social media networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and bloggers.  ”We started building online relationships before we wrote a single line of code,” recalls Swingley. These relationships have been key in getting early market feedback, and they became the foundation for our poll distribution.

Swingley reads every single response, and reports that early feedback has been rewarding. “Respondents have been very generous in sharing their professional insights on our concept, what they like and what we need to do better. The polls are still open, so let us know what you think.”

About RememberItNow! LLC
RememberItNow! makes eHealth easy. Designed from the patient’s point-of-view, it is simple to schedule medication reminders, maintain a personal health record, and create a care community. Getting started is fast and free at

RememberItNow’s patient-centric SaaS platform is also available through a licensing agreement to healthcare providers, employers, and long-term care facilities. Headquartered in Orinda, CA, RememberItNow! is privately held.

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You’re Invited - RememberItNow! Beta

Pamela Swingley - July 9, 2009

The day has finally come. We’re excited to announce that RememberItNow! is ready for private beta testing. Beta users get a chance to use RememberItNow! before it goes live to the public.

RememberItNow!  is the best way to take control of your health, or the health care of someone you love. Our simple to use online health care management service includes: 
> Medication and appointment reminders sent via email or text message
> Private care community
> Health and caregiver journal
> Home care scheduling
> Contact database
> Medication and activity calendar
> Medication management
> Blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose charting
> Favorite links
As a private beta user, we only ask that you share your feedback with us on how to improve the site, communicate any problems you encounter, and be patient with us as we fix and improve.

RememberItNow! beta is open to users in the United States. To apply for our beta program, send an email to abettencourt(at)rememberitnow(dot)com.

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