Improving Medication Adherence with Script Your Future!

Alex Bettencourt - August 22, 2011

images golocalprov com  health Script+Your+Future+Logo 360x312 Improving Medication Adherence with Script Your Future!

We are very proud to announce our first advocacy partnership with St. Joseph’s School of Pharmacy and Script Your Future. The Script Your Future campaign is led by National Consumers League (NCL) and designed to help you take your medicine as directed. It’s also created to help patients manage health problems such as diabetes, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. (more…)

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Blue Button Challenge Announces RememberItNow! as a Top Finalist at Health 2.0

Alex Bettencourt - October 25, 2010

RememberItNow! eHealth platform is recognized as one of top three finalists in the Blue Button Challenge at the recent San Francisco Health 2.0 Conference.

ORINDA, Calif. - October 14, 2010 - The Markle Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recognized RememberItNow! as a top finalist in their Blue Button Challenge announced at this year’s San Francisco Health 2.0 Conference. (more…)

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Dramatic Increase in Prescription Drug Use Leads to Rising Health Care Costs

Alex Bettencourt - October 20, 2010

Faced with more complex medication regimes, Americans struggle to take the right medication, at the right time, in the right dose. New mobile health tools offer solutions for increased compliance.

ORINDA, Calif. – September 25, 2010 - Almost half of the U.S. population reported taking a prescription drug in the past month according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Without effective medication management tools the risk of noncompliance and higher health care costs increases.

The CDC also discovered the percentage of Americans who took at least one prescription drug in the past month increased from 44% to 48% over the past decade. The use of two or more drugs escalated from 25% to 31% and the use of five or more drugs rose from 6% to 11%.

In 2007, the Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive poll reported one out of three adults taking a prescription drug on a regular basis did not follow their doctor-recommended course of treatment and two thirds of adults simply forgot to take their medication.


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SMS Medication Reminders Work – Study Among Teens Prove It

Alex Bettencourt - October 18, 2010

texting teens SMS Medication Reminders Work – Study Among Teens Prove It

If you visit any random high school class right now you will find one out of three teens rapidly text-messaging away on their cell phone, according to the 2010 the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The study also stated fifty percent of teens send 50 or more text-messages per day, and one in three send over 100 text-messages per day. (more…)

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I’m not getting text-message reminders anymore! Help!

Alex Bettencourt - September 17, 2010

I used to get text-message reminders, but not anymore. What is going on?

One of the main reasons you may not be receiving text-message reminders is because you have switched mobile phone carriers and haven’t updated these changes in your account.

When you switch from Sprint to AT&T for example, you must adjust your mobile carrier settings in your RememberItNow! account. How do you do that?

It’s simple! Start by logging into your RememberItNow! account and click on your User-Name, (see below on step Number 1). Then click on the Reminders tab (see below on step Number 2).

myaccount to my reminders Im not getting text message reminders anymore! Help!

Next choose your cell phone provider from the list of carriers. See the example below:

choosing a carrier Im not getting text message reminders anymore! Help!

After choosing your mobile phone carrier, click on the big orange button that says, “Save Settings” (see below).save settings orange button Im not getting text message reminders anymore! Help! Once your mobile carrier is updated, you should be receiving your text-message reminders. If you are still having problems, please send us feedback on the “Contact Us” link in the right hand corner of your account (next to your user-name).

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6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Personal Health Record

Alex Bettencourt - August 30, 2010

reading document 300x253 6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Personal Health Record

Having a personal health record (PHR) allows you to take control of your health and with so many options available today, we have more power than ever at our fingertips. However, all these choices can be overwhelming. It’s important to assess your needs in order to determine the qualifications your PHR must meet. (more…)

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RememberItNow! Demonstrates Medication Management Service to Nine States

Alex Bettencourt - August 11, 2010

RememberItNow’s participation is part of a review by the States of the leading medication management technologies and services from industry leaders and top performers.

ORINDA, Calif. - August 11, 2010 - RememberItNow! recently demonstrated their patient-centric medical adherence software to the Tennessee U.S. Office of eHealth Initiatives as part of an extensive enterprise medication management request for information (RFI)

The RFI is being led by the state of Tennessee Office of eHealth Initiatives (OEHI), with participation by Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Information obtained through this RFI will be shared among participating states to encourage complimentary development of services across multiple states. (more…)

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RememberItNow! Presents to U. S. Office of eHealth Initiatives

Alex Bettencourt - August 4, 2010

We recently had the privilege to present our software to the U. S. Office of eHealth Initiatives. As medication noncompliance increases, it drastically effects our health care system costing up to $292 billion annually.

To solve this problem the U.S. Office of eHealth Initiatives is actively seeking innovative medication management solutions to help. In response to their request for information (RFI), RememberItNow! was asked to present our software as a possible solution to help improve medical adherence. (more…)

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“RememberItNow! Medication Reminders Have Been a Lifesaver”

Alex Bettencourt - July 1, 2010

mother and daughter walking RememberItNow! Medication Reminders Have Been a Lifesaver

We recently heard from one of our customers about how much she loves RememberItNow! medication reminders. Her enthusiasm was so contagious, we had to share.

Sharon  lives near Sacramento, California with her five children and loving husband, Jim. Sharon and Jim keep a pretty tight schedule balancing full-time jobs and family duties. (more…)

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Medication Reminders - Tech Savvy Top 5

Alex Bettencourt - May 17, 2010

Medication reminders, who needs ‘em? Well, when two-thirds of Americans currently use some form of medicine, (49 percent use prescription drugs and 30 percent use nonprescription medications), reminders aren’t such a bad idea.

In fact they should be the solution we should all focus on when the number one problem for treating illness today is because of patient noncompliance, at every age. In order to fix this problem, medication reminders have become more technologically advanced. Some of the latest innovations include the Tattletale Pill, the MagneTrace necklace , Pill Pets, and various smartphone medication reminder applications.

1. The Tattetale Pill
Its name gives away its most basic function; it tells on you when you forget your pills. Caregivers, family, friends, and anyone else helping you manage your health are alerted when a dose is missed. How is this possible? The Tattletale Pill is not necessarily a pill, but a capsule that contains tiny digestible antennas and a microchip the size of a period.

Sounds like a seamless solution right? There are still a few catches. The user must wear a small electronic device which signals a cell phone or laptop and powers the pill through faint bursts of extremely low-voltage electricity. As time passes, the antenna breaks down from the user’s stomach acid, and the microchip is passed along out of the digestive system. (more…)

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