Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!

Alex Bettencourt - September 10, 2010

vaulticon 300x225 Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!Have you ever wished you could keep track of all your important medical records in a safer place than a flimsy folder?

Do you ever find yourself searching for that little piece of paper listing important information about your visit in the hospital ages ago?

Now you can track all that information and more with the RememberItNow! Vault. We have recently updated our software with the features you asked for. The RememberItNow! Vault allows you to track all of your medical history and store your medical records. Get a glimpse of the new Vault page below:


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6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Personal Health Record

Alex Bettencourt - August 30, 2010

reading document 300x253 6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Personal Health Record

Having a personal health record (PHR) allows you to take control of your health and with so many options available today, we have more power than ever at our fingertips. However, all these choices can be overwhelming. It’s important to assess your needs in order to determine the qualifications your PHR must meet. (more…)

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What’s New With RememberItNow!

Alex Bettencourt - February 5, 2010

monarch butterfly large2 Whats New With RememberItNow!

Drum roll please… We have emerged from our winter cocoon and we’re ready to share our exciting new features!

Online Help

We are introducing an innovative way to help customers. The next time you need support, we can personally help you without over the phone hassle. How is this possible? Well, we have enabled new software updates that allow us to log into your account and share your screen.

You might be thinking, “What?! I don’t want people just logging in and out of my account.” Don’t worry. This is only enabled with your permission, and we’re allowed only a  limited time to help support your problem.

Medical History

You may have noticed the new Medical History tab on your account page. If you haven’t, check it out. Now you can quickly add medical events with a click of an orange button. With our easy to fill-in categories, your medical history can be ready in minutes. This can be accessed from anywhere online, and it can be shared with anyone you choose.


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Medical History Arrives at RememberItNow!

Alex Bettencourt - January 29, 2010

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new Medical History section today! It has now become another important member of the RememberItNow! family.

You only have to complete your RememberItNow! medical history form once and it’s ready to share with anyone.  Find it by clicking on your Account user name in the top right corner. Then you will see Medical History in the center of your page.

medicalhistory account1 Medical History Arrives at RememberItNow!

Take a look and see how easy it is to also add an event in your Medical History. Just click the big orange button that says, “Add Event”; it’s that simple because we make eHealth easy.

medical history forblog2 Medical History Arrives at RememberItNow!

We all know gathering your medical history is a pain. It’s not something you do every day, but when you need to, it always seems to be in a crunch. And if you can’t find all the pieces you need, RememberItNow! remembers your medical history for you. (more…)

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Can I make corrections to a medical event?

Alex Bettencourt - December 9, 2009

Help! I accidentally put the wrong information on my medical event. Can I edit it?

To edit a medical event, click “Vault” and then click the “Medical History” tab.   In case you have trouble finding it, you can see in the example below  the “Medical History” tab has an arrow pointing at it.my vault my medical history Can I make corrections to a medical event?

After clicking on your medical history tab, you can see all of your Medical events. Look on the right side of each event and you will notice a link to “Edit.” This is circled in red on the example below.

edit medical event Can I make corrections to a medical event?

Once you have clicked “Edit,” you will see a pop where you can edit everything pertaining to your medical event.

editmedical event popus Can I make corrections to a medical event?

Click “Save Changes” after you have made all your corrections, and you’re done!

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