RememberItNow! Improves Employee Productivity with eHealth Features

Alex Bettencourt - June 28, 2010

RememberItNow! eHealth service helps lessen the impact of caregiving from the office with new software features that increase employee productivity and provide peace of mind.

Orinda, CA - June 30, 2010- RememberItNow! LLC announced today new additions to their eHealth service, making long-distance care easier.

According to a 2009 study by AARP, over seven in ten caregivers were employed at some time when caregiving. Among them, two-thirds have gone in late, left early, or taken time off to deal with caregiving issues. That means 66% of caregivers are struggling to find a balance between work and care. (more…)

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Senior Eating Tips - 3 Successful Strategies

Alex Bettencourt - April 19, 2010

When we get older our eating habits change and we sometimes lose our appetite. This can lead to under-nutrition and too much weight loss.

Luckily there are ways to help.  Check out this Prezi below on appetite loss and learn about the three most successful strategies to get your loved one’s eating habits back on track:

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Patient Navigator - Why You Might Need One

Alex Bettencourt - February 24, 2010

Senior couple meeting with agent

Most of us haven’t even heard of a patient navigator before. Now that it has taken the 11th spot on the list of top jobs for the coming decade, the patient navigator is receiving more and more attention.

So what exactly is a patient navigator? The title actually indicates many of its main functions; they “navigate” patients throughout their health care. Families can quickly become overwhelmed when providing long-distance care, and patient navigators quickly alleviate the stress. They help communicate, care, and support your aging loved one going through an illness.

According to Senior Care Examiner, a patient navigator’s job “is to provide up-to-date, reliable information to the patient and family so that with the medical team, they feel confident about his or her treatment decisions.”

One should also note that your patient navigator is not a source for medical advice. They only provide the valuable skill of communication between you and your medical team. (more…)

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Using Your Journal to Coordinate Care

Alex Bettencourt - December 18, 2009

How RememberItNow! Gives Grandma a Break and Mom Peace-of-Mind
As the primary caregiver for my grandpa, my grandmother is frequently overwhelmed. For several years my entire family has tried to get her to hire some help, but she would shrug and say, “I would rather just take care of Grandpa myself.” Of course, this really took a toll on her own wellness.

When she did get some help, she complained that it was more time consuming for her to explain all the new medications, stats, and directions to a new caregiver.

When I introduced RememberItNow! to her, she wasn’t too sure. But within a few weeks, she decided I knew what I was doing. Having all of Grandpa’s information in one place means that she doesn’t have to explain the routine to new caregivers, or dig up contacts and website links. And it means my mother and I can help her keep an eye on Grandpa’s care from wherever we are.

One of the features of RememberItNow! she loves is the Health Journal. She uses it to coordinate care and provide instructions for the day.

Grandma even moved the computer to the living room so that the caregiver has quick access to it. When a caregiver arrives they log in. Here’s how an entry looks to start:

journal entry12166 Using Your Journal to Coordinate Care

Notice where the red arrow is pointing above. The Journal’s time stamp on each entry makes it easy for someone like my grandmother to keep track of a caregiver’s hours, and it ensures punctuality as an extra bonus.

The care giver simply logs in,  makes an entry of her or his arrival, looks at the activities scheduled for the day, and continues on with their work.

One of the responsibilities Grandpa’s caregiver has is to record his blood sugar and blood pressure during the day. They record the readings, his overall wellness, and significant events in the journal during the day.

wellness chart Using Your Journal to Coordinate Care

The journal gives Grandma a sense of control and freedom. It makes it easy for her to leave instructions, and to have a history of activity. She knows everything the caregiver needs to help Grandpa can be found within RememberItNow! And, when she gets home, she has a record of the days activities.

My mother often logs in from work during the day to check on things. She can see all the important items right from the dashboard.

newdashboardrin1218 Using Your Journal to Coordinate Care

RememberItNow! gives my mother peace-of-mind, knowing that grandma can get out for a bit or get some much need sleep during the night. Mom can now do a checkup on things without going by the house. Most important, RememberItNow! helps to keep grandpa healthier. Happy holidays to all the grandpas out there, and especially  my “avo” (Portuguese for grandpa :) .

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