A Thanksgiving Greeting From RememberItNow!

Alex Bettencourt - November 19, 2010

Thank You On Behalf of RememberItNow!

 A Thanksgiving Greeting From RememberItNow!

As the breeze gets cooler and leaves turn orange, and red,
We eagerly wait for Thanksgiving to break our bread.

We look forward to giving thanks, to feast, smile and laugh.
And I’d like to share gratitude on RememberItNow’s behalf.

First, thank you to all our users for taking a chance on us.
Cheers to trying RememberItNow! and hopping on board our eHealth bus. (more…)

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Health 2.0 Conference; Exceeded Expectations

Pamela Swingley - October 13, 2010

Things have started to return to normal after last week’s Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.  The energy at the show was amazing, with many of us getting by with just a few hours of sleep each night. Media hype is one way to measure success,

“What we heard today was to me something like the mobile phone system; it kind of snuck in quietly. It didn’t say it was going to replace the landline phones. It just appeared.”

– Esther Dyson   (more…)

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Meet RememberItNow! at Health 2.0!

Alex Bettencourt - September 27, 2010

health 20 Meet RememberItNow! at Health 2.0!

In case you haven’t heard, the Health 2.o Conference in San Francisco is coming up next week October 7th - 8th. This conference is the leading showcase of cutting-edge technologies in health care. Health 2.0 is a great opportunity to meet all the leading industry analysts, government leaders, and health care technology innovators.

According to the website, this Health 2.0 conference will be particularly focusing on, “the emergence of the data utility layer–exemplified by Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health, and will be examining the impact of the huge growth of social media outside of health care on Health 2.0.” As part of the SF Health Innovation Week, which is a series of events focused on world health and technology, Health 2.0 is certainly going to be the highlight of the week.


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Health 2.0 Conference - Cool New Companies

Pamela Swingley - October 8, 2009

We didn’t attend the Health 2.0 conference, and as I read the coverage of new health applications I have to admit to a bit of jealousy for those companies that could afford to participate. The show featured a number of exciting new health solutions, backed by innovative entrepreneurs. One of the best roundups of these new companies was done by Amy Tenderich, from the popular Diabetes Mine blog.

We let out a cheer when we read Amy’s observation:

“Once again, I heard a lot of talk about the importance “patient-centeredness,” amongst dozens of demos of online tools that 1) looked awfully techy and sometimes hard to use, and 2) didn’t always appear to put patients’ real-life needs front and center. But still, many interesting new ways to use technology to track and improve our health are on the horizon, no doubt!”

We’ve noticed the lack of patient-centric solutions as well — that’s why we built  RememberItNow! Every aspect of our service was designed with the patient’s needs in mind. From high interactivity and intuitive interface, to a managable feature set, to easy signup, phone support and no questions cancellation - it’s all from the patient’s point of view.

You can experience RememberItNow! yourself, for free. We’re in beta now, collecting feedback from all types of users. Sign up for your account today.

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