Limeade | Builds Happy, Healthy, High-Performance Workers

Alex Bettencourt - January 5, 2011

ehealthspotlight withshadow Limeade | Builds Happy, Healthy, High Performance WorkersCategory:  Corporate Wellness Program
Company: Limeade
Country: US
Google buzz meterLow

Key Features: A complete well-being assessment, coaching, behavioral counseling, EAP, seminars, support, screenings, and more.

limeade Limeade | Builds Happy, Healthy, High Performance Workers

About Limeade:
Limeade technology specializes in online wellness, employee well-being, enterprise healthcare benefits, self-improvement, and employee assistance programs. Limeade is different from other wellness services because their focus is on the people. Limeade helps people pursue work, life and health goals in ways that make sense.

They help companies launch challenges that reinforce a certain strategy and culture. Sample challenges include “Motorless Landmarks” where one must track 80 motorless miles nearby through running, walking, swimming, hiking etc.

Other Limeade challenges include “Healthy Start.” Employees must get 7+ hours of sleep a night followed by a healthy breakfast to get a “healthy start” on their day. The “Pay It Forward” challenge simply focuses on doing a good deed for someone else every day. Limeade is a great choice for companies looking for a simple start on employee wellness.

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Keas | Take Charge of Your Health

Alex Bettencourt - November 14, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow Keas | Take Charge of Your HealthCategory: Corporate Wellness Programs
Company: Keas
Google buzz meter: High+

Key Features: Keas provides online health quizzes, lab results, care plans and packages, and interactive online software tools.

 Keas | Take Charge of Your Health

About Keas:
Keas was founded by former Google Health head Adam Bosworth and Boston-area tech veteran George Kassabgi. As an online health platform, Keas gives patients the opportunity to track their health data and interpret it in a fun way so individuals can be healthy as possible.  Keas also offers Care Plans that come in all different types if shapes and sizes. Each Care Plan is private, tailored to an individual’s personal health needs, and easy to use.

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PureWellness | Wellness Made Easy

Alex Bettencourt - November 10, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow PureWellness | Wellness Made EasyCategory: Corporate Wellness Programs
Company: PureWellness
Country: US
Google buzz meter: High

Key Features: Pure Wellness offers a single integrated wellness platform with health risk assessments, compliance monitoring, diet and exercise programs, team challenges, interactive health coaching tools, online wellness workshops, text and email reminders, pedometer based walking programs, incentive management and tracking.

purewellness PureWellness | Wellness Made Easy

About Pure Wellness:
PureWellness offers online wellness programs supporting corporate wellness and health promotion. It’s your one stop partner for delivering an integrated, complete wellness solution because it delivers real ROI and benefits. PureWellness empowers individuals to implement and manage a state of the art, evidence based high touch AND high tech wellness initiative.

Using PureWellness, employers will see healthier behavior and better outcomes across their enterprise. By making programs easier to manage both online and offline, PureWellness helps you to make a bigger wellness impact in people’s lives.

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Teladoc | Anytime and Anywhere

Alex Bettencourt - November 9, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow Teladoc | Anytime and AnywhereCategory: Medical Evaluation
Company: Teladoc
Google buzz meter: High+

Key Features: Online phone and video consultation with a doctor.

TelaDoc%20logo Teladoc | Anytime and Anywhere

About Teladoc:
Teladoc is the first and largest telehealth provider in the nation, founded in 2002. What differentiates Teladoc from other telehealth providers is that all of their doctors are board-certified family practitioners, PCPs and internists who use electronic health records to diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions for Teladoc members.

Their credentialing process far exceeds National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards. Teladoc physicians are also credentialed every two years.

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Telethrive | Changing Healthcare One Call at a Time

Alex Bettencourt - November 9, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow Telethrive | Changing Healthcare One Call at a TimeCategory:  Medical Evaluation
Company: Telethrive
Country: US
Google buzz meterLow

Key Features: Online network of certified physicians available to speak on demand.

innovativetechnologies Telethrive | Changing Healthcare One Call at a Time

About Telethrive:
TeleThrive technology ensures a patient can contact a physician regardless of time or location. Using dynamic call routing to a pool of physician providers, their software guarantees access to treatment anytime, anywhere.

While this may seem complex, it only requires that the patient and physician know how to use a telephone - patients call into the system, and their software connects them with an available TeleThrive physician.

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Healthways | Health and Well-being Improvement

Alex Bettencourt - November 8, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow Healthways | Health and Well being Improvement

Category: Disease Prevention
Company: Healthways
Google buzz meter: High

Key Features: Customized Wellness programs; Wellness Programs for seniors like, Silver Sneakers and Hospital Wellness Enhancement.

healthwayslogo Healthways | Health and Well being Improvement

About Healthways:
Healthways offers comprehensive solutions that improve well-being, decrease health care costs, enhance performance and generate economic value for their customers.

By listening to individuals, focusing on engagement, and applying leading science and technology, Healthways offers a wellness approach that actually brings change. They have delivered innovative well-being solutions for three decades.

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Telemed | Advanced Healthcare Advantages

Alex Bettencourt - November 5, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow Telemed | Advanced Healthcare Advantages

Category: Medical Evaluation
Company: Telemed
Country: United States
Google Buzz Meter: High +

Key Features: Real time consultations with a professional board-certified doctor; e-Prescription; and e-Medical Records.

telemed1 Telemed | Advanced Healthcare Advantages

About Telemed1
Telemed 1 is a medical and prescription benefits service plan provider. They offer a tailored medical plan acclimated to the demands of modern living and their operations comply with the guidelines of the Hawaii Telemedicine Regulation. Their services combine the benefits of prescription medication and real-time, unlimited webcam and telephone consultation. (more…)

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MD Live Care | The Doctor Will See You Now

Alex Bettencourt - November 4, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow MD Live Care | The Doctor Will See You NowCategory:  Medical Evaluation
Company: MD Live Care
Country: US
Google buzz meterHigh+

Key Features: On Demand Live Care; Doctor Visits; Pharmacy Services; Therapy live care; and Lab Tests.

mdlivecare1 MD Live Care | The Doctor Will See You Now

About MD Live Care:
MD Live Care is an advanced healthcare delivery system in America where consumers, physicians and mental health counselors can engage in real time interactive consultations, providing convenience and affordable healthcare services. Using the latest technologies in Web communications and VOIP telephony, the Company extends traditional healthcare to the home or office.

They offer a national network of licensed Board certified US based physicians and healthcare professionals experienced in telemedicine and recruited following strict credentialing guidelines so that they can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication.

Going far beyond the telemedicine solutions available, MDLiveCare does not aim to replace traditional brick and mortar care, but complement it to provide enhanced quality of care which is both affordable and convenient.

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AmericanWell | Online Care in Action

Alex Bettencourt - November 1, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow AmericanWell | Online Care in ActionCategory: Medical Evaluation
Company: AmericanWell
Website: American Well
Google buzz meter: High++

Key Features:

AmericanWell Logo color medium 569 AmericanWell | Online Care in Action

About AmericanWell:
AmericanWell offers users an Online Care system that allows consumers to connect with physicians immediately, whenever they have a health need, from their homes or offices. The innovation uses advanced Web-based technologies and telephony to remove traditional barriers to healthcare access, including insurance coverage, geography, mobility and time constraints. Online Care is growing rapidly and is currently offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, OptumHealth (a business of UnitedHealth Group) and TriWest Healthcare Alliance. (more…)

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Vitals | Where Doctors are Examined

Pamela Swingley - October 30, 2010

ehealthspotlight withshadow Vitals | Where Doctors are ExaminedCategory: Search, Set & Register
Company: Vitals
Google buzz meter: High+

Key Features: Find  a doctor, rate a doctor, checkup on your doctor. Includes 720,000 doctors. 360 degree Vitals view includes factual background, office information, peer reviews & awards, consumer reviews.

vitals logo large1 Vitals | Where Doctors are Examined

About Vitals:
Vitals is an online physician evaluation and comparison service that offers information on more than 700,000 practicing physicians in the United States. Vitals organizes key information to help patients make informed choices in their search to independently assess particular physicians, long-term care facilities, and other providers of healthcare. The information is free of charge and is offered to the public for its non-commercial use. Vitals is a service of MDX Medical, Inc.

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