“RememberItNow! Medication Reminders Have Been a Lifesaver”

Alex Bettencourt - July 1, 2010

mother and daughter walking RememberItNow! Medication Reminders Have Been a Lifesaver

We recently heard from one of our customers about how much she loves RememberItNow! medication reminders. Her enthusiasm was so contagious, we had to share.

Sharon  lives near Sacramento, California with her five children and loving husband, Jim. Sharon and Jim keep a pretty tight schedule balancing full-time jobs and family duties. (more…)

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Meet Ray - RememberItNow! Customer of the Month

Alex Bettencourt - December 9, 2009

Ray lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he works as a manufacturers representative. During the work week, Ray’s days are filled to the brim with meetings, assignments, and a long commute.

The last thing Ray needs is Diabetes slowing him down. He shrugs, “Work is crazy, and my mind is always on the projects at hand, not on taking my pills.”

With 4-7 medications a day, regular blood sugar tests and a few medical appointments per month, staying on top of his health was a pain for Ray. He was notorious for postponing doctor’s appointments and forgetting his pills.

After hearing about RememberItNow! through a friend in July, Ray signed up for RememberItNow’s beta trial. RememberItNow! immediately helped him to take control of his health.  What he likes best are the emails he receives throughout the day reminding him to take his pills.

Ray praises RememberItNow! for improving his health condition, “If I did not get these reminders, I would forget to take my pills over half the time.” Ray says.

Taking his pills on time has improved his health and his work performance. “Without the proper meds, I zone out and I am not as productive. So, I reckon the reminders have improved my job performance.”

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