A Thanksgiving Greeting From RememberItNow!

Alex Bettencourt - November 19, 2010

Thank You On Behalf of RememberItNow!

 A Thanksgiving Greeting From RememberItNow!

As the breeze gets cooler and leaves turn orange, and red,
We eagerly wait for Thanksgiving to break our bread.

We look forward to giving thanks, to feast, smile and laugh.
And I’d like to share gratitude on RememberItNow’s behalf.

First, thank you to all our users for taking a chance on us.
Cheers to trying RememberItNow! and hopping on board our eHealth bus. (more…)

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Blue Button Challenge Announces RememberItNow! as a Top Finalist at Health 2.0

Alex Bettencourt - October 25, 2010

RememberItNow! eHealth platform is recognized as one of top three finalists in the Blue Button Challenge at the recent San Francisco Health 2.0 Conference.

ORINDA, Calif. - October 14, 2010 - The Markle Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recognized RememberItNow! as a top finalist in their Blue Button Challenge announced at this year’s San Francisco Health 2.0 Conference. (more…)

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Health 2.0 Conference; Exceeded Expectations

Pamela Swingley - October 13, 2010

Things have started to return to normal after last week’s Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.  The energy at the show was amazing, with many of us getting by with just a few hours of sleep each night. Media hype is one way to measure success,

“What we heard today was to me something like the mobile phone system; it kind of snuck in quietly. It didn’t say it was going to replace the landline phones. It just appeared.”

– Esther Dyson   (more…)

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Introducing Our Very Own HR Super Star! - Pamela Swingley

Alex Bettencourt - October 11, 2010

hrsuperstar Introducing Our Very Own HR Super Star!   Pamela Swingley

CDHC Solutions and EmployersWeb.com are the leading publications (in print and digital) on health care solutions and benefits management.  Both of these companies are a favorite read among employers and HR teams for informative direction on health care consumerism and population health and wellness.

In May 2010, they opened a competition called the HR Super Star Awards. As I looked over the requirements I noticed the category, “Most Effective Solution Providers Award in Healthcare.” CDHIC and Employers Web was looking for, “a solution provider who introduced the most innovative healthcare; benefits and/or compensation solution to various company sizes.”

I knew RememberItNow! and our CEO, Pam Swingley would be a perfect candidate for that specific HR Super Star category. I raced over to the online nomination form and submitted our entry with crossed fingers. (more…)

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THIS time, it’s the Right Time for PHR

Pamela Swingley - October 1, 2010

It’s often very true, that timing is everything. After a rocky history, the timing seems to be right for personal health records. The news has been filled with health technology this week, all leading up to a record Health 2.0 conference.

Jim Hansen, Vice President & Executive Director, Dossia Consortium identifies seven converging trends that create both a powerful catalyst and disruptive environment for person-centric health records and their associated applications:

  • Growing recognition by physicians of the value of patient-sourced information (e.g., preferences, drug side-affect feedback, environmental factors) within the care decision-making process,
  • Increasing consumer/patient financial skin in the game,
  • Increasing patient-physician communications and joint outcome accountability,
  • Movement to care models (e.g. medical home, accountable care organizations) and associated payment reform approaches that cannot reach their outcome and financial potential without leveraging a holistic 360 degree view of a patient’s data,
  • Changing consumer/patient perspectives on health information privacy, sharing and associated control,
  • Impending rapid growth of automatic gathering and remote monitoring of consumer/patient-sourced biometric and other data (both chronic disease and wellness related), and
  • The exploding interest in mobile applications by both consumer/patients and caregivers that can only reach their true interactive potential by leveraging an integrated, comprehensive, person-centric health data view.

Some days it feels just like we are on an ever accelerating treadmill.

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A Mission for eHealth Companies Like Ours

Pamela Swingley - September 30, 2010

In a recent eye-opening article, Dr. Shantanu Nundy shares the challenges of managing chronic illnesses, through the story of Mr. HD. It’s often true that people live and die by their chronic illnesses by what they do at home:

“You know, what Mr. HD really needs is for his mom or somebody to chain herself to him …” [the ICU team laughs] … “But seriously, he needs to be watched over, he needs to be talked to. He needs someone to give him his medications, someone to take him to his appointments, someone to take care of him. With that somebody he can live for years to come. Without that somebody he will die next week.”

“Right now, only a fraction of people with chronic disease take their medications as prescribed, make the right lifestyle changes, and follow up with their doctors regularly; they in fact are the minority. Most people need additional support, but tragically, the health care system is designed around doctors and clinics, not patients and communities.”

It is our mission at RememberItNow! to help people like Mr. HD take control of their health and live longer, healhier lives. Medication reminders are a great place to start. Connecting care givers helps. Easy to follow daily instructions offer some simplicity. Centralized medical information improves care. (more…)

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Meet RememberItNow! at Health 2.0!

Alex Bettencourt - September 27, 2010

health 20 Meet RememberItNow! at Health 2.0!

In case you haven’t heard, the Health 2.o Conference in San Francisco is coming up next week October 7th - 8th. This conference is the leading showcase of cutting-edge technologies in health care. Health 2.0 is a great opportunity to meet all the leading industry analysts, government leaders, and health care technology innovators.

According to the website, this Health 2.0 conference will be particularly focusing on, “the emergence of the data utility layer–exemplified by Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health, and will be examining the impact of the huge growth of social media outside of health care on Health 2.0.” As part of the SF Health Innovation Week, which is a series of events focused on world health and technology, Health 2.0 is certainly going to be the highlight of the week.


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Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!

Alex Bettencourt - September 10, 2010

vaulticon 300x225 Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!Have you ever wished you could keep track of all your important medical records in a safer place than a flimsy folder?

Do you ever find yourself searching for that little piece of paper listing important information about your visit in the hospital ages ago?

Now you can track all that information and more with the RememberItNow! Vault. We have recently updated our software with the features you asked for. The RememberItNow! Vault allows you to track all of your medical history and store your medical records. Get a glimpse of the new Vault page below:


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A Feisty Little Start-Up Company in the E-Health Arena

Alex Bettencourt - September 6, 2010

pamsavvy A Feisty Little Start Up Company in the E Health Arena

Last summer, I heard about an author from Indiana University Maurer School of Law looking for stories about women reinventing their careers.  As soon as I heard this I immediately contacted the author, Caroline-Dowd Higgins, and shared the story of Pam’s transition from a marketing software executive, to caregiver, to Founder and CEO of RememberItNow! You can also watch Pam’s story here.

After learning about how Pam created RememberItNow! to help  her father and millions of others take control of their health , Professor Higgins decided to profile Pam in her new book, “This Is Not the Career I Ordered: 52 Ways to Reignite, Reinvent and Recharge Your Work and Your Life.”

As of today, Pam’s story, “A Feisty Little Start-Up Company in the E-Health Arena” is officially published and can also be viewed on Professor Higgins’ website. (more…)

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RememberItNow! Demonstrates Medication Management Service to Nine States

Alex Bettencourt - August 11, 2010

RememberItNow’s participation is part of a review by the States of the leading medication management technologies and services from industry leaders and top performers.

ORINDA, Calif. - August 11, 2010 - RememberItNow! recently demonstrated their patient-centric medical adherence software to the Tennessee U.S. Office of eHealth Initiatives as part of an extensive enterprise medication management request for information (RFI)

The RFI is being led by the state of Tennessee Office of eHealth Initiatives (OEHI), with participation by Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Information obtained through this RFI will be shared among participating states to encourage complimentary development of services across multiple states. (more…)

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