Choosing a Health Provider - 4 Features to Find First

Alex Bettencourt - October 26, 2011

Office worker studying reports

Choosing a healthcare provider can be difficult. Sure, a patient needs a provider in line with their needs—one can’t get dental work from an oncologist. However, once a list of applicable providers is generated it can be difficult to narrow it down. Use these helpful pointers when choosing a healthcare provider. (more…)

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Advancements in Health Record Technology

Alex Bettencourt - September 14, 2011

Advancements in technology have allowed people access to information and services faster than ever before. Car owners can skip the often-stressful trip to the license branch and renew their plates online. Customers can pay nearly all of their bills online, eliminating a lot of wasted paper. This also makes it easier to keep track of due dates.

The medical field has been slow to adapt to the recent technological revolution. Many hospitals make use of the latest diagnostic equipment, but continue to store all patient data on paper. Both doctors and patients cite concerns over expense vs return or the security of digital records. However, electronic record keeping has many benefits over paper records and they prove to outweigh any negative aspects. (more…)

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Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Medical News and Information

Alex Bettencourt - August 9, 2011

top10 tweets 300x300 Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Medical News and Information

Many hospitals and clinics have joined the social media revolution, turning to Twitter to dispense information to patients and their families. Individuals living with illness, medical students and those simply interested in lifestyle tips now have access to everything from advice about eating mindfully to health insurance. Here are ten healthcare providers of special interest that deliver the best tweets around.

1. @MayoClinic
Mayo Clinic’s history dates back to the 1800s. Tweets include techniques for managing stress, healthy eating tips, links to their blog and job postings. The clinic also promotes contests like Minnesota’s Brand Madness, which gives fans a chance to vote for the state’s beloved brand.

2. @sanjayguptaCNN
Sanjay Gupta is a neurosurgeon and professor at the Emory University School of Medicine and also CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent. Items of interest include a weekly medical mystery contest and links to his blog posts on CNN Health. He is respected by high-profile individuals like President Obama and Oprah Winfrey. (more…)

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“How to Profit from the mHealth Revolution” Free eBook

Alex Bettencourt - July 27, 2011

Valuable guide reveals 6 critical rules for using the power of mobile to transform patient relationships across the healthcare ecosystem.

July 26th, 2011 Orinda CA - A new eBook, “How to Profit from the mHealth Revolution: Critical Rules for Using the Power of Mobile to Transform Your Patient Relationships” is now available for free download from Mobile PRM, the experts in mobile patient relationship management.

The eBook, written by Pamela Swingley, founder and CEO of Mobile PRM, is based upon more than two decades of customer relationship management expertise in the enterprise software industry. (more…)

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Top 10 Mobile Health & Medication Adherence Research Reports

Alex Bettencourt - July 18, 2011

top 10 Top 10 Mobile Health & Medication Adherence Research Reports

If you’re ready to learn as much as possible about the latest research on mobile health and medication adherence, you might feel a little overwhelmed. A quick Google Scholar search can give you more than 10 pages of results; which is why we did all the hard work for you. Below are our top 10 favorite reports on mHealth and medication adherence. Enjoy!

1. “Medication Adherence:  Making the Case for Increased Awareness”
Co-authored by Hayden B. Bosworth at Duke University Medical Center, and the National Consumers League. This report evaluates the different causes of medication non- adherence from: delaying prescription fills, failing to fill prescriptions, cutting dosages, and more. The data in this report also reveals how poor adherence leads to considerable morbidity, mortality, and avoidable health care costs. (more…)

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Top 10 Mobile Health and Patient Adherence Groups on LinkedIn

Alex Bettencourt - July 13, 2011

LinkedIn logo Top 10 Mobile Health and Patient Adherence Groups on LinkedIn

Interested in learning more about mobile health and medication adherence from real professionals in the healthcare industry? Look no further. Below are the top 10 groups on LinkedIn you can join to learn more about patient compliance and mHealth.

1. Patient Adherence Solutions (500+ members)

This group is for anyone interested patient medication adherence. All patients, providers, payers, administrators, innovators, technology companies, researchers and stakeholders are especially welcomed to join this group. Members are encouraged to learn, share, and comment on news articles and discussions. Members are also encouraged to submit patient adherence, compliance, and persistence articles and start discussions. It is requested that submissions and comments stay on topic.

2. Patient Adherence, Compliance & Communication Strategy for Pharma (2,000 + members)

Although this group is for pharmaceutical executives who wish to place the patient at the center of their marketing, retention and sales strategy, it’s also a great place for outsiders to get a sneak peek into the most biggest priority among patient marketers and see how compliance is handled. (more…)

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Top 8 Mobile Health News Resources

Alex Bettencourt - June 27, 2011

The mobile health industry is expanding rapidly every day thanks to smart phone adoption.  According to a Neilson research report, approximately 25% of current U.S. cell phones are smart phones.  This rate will exceed 50% by the end of 2011!  Imagine the tsunami of participation and interest in mobile health by 2012.

It can be slightly overwhelming to ride along the waves of  mobile health technology because there are numerous advances to keep track of every day. If you’re wondering where to turn  for the latest mobile health news, don’t worry any longer. We have compiled a list of our top 10 resources for mobile health news. See our favorite resources below and discover the latest mHealth news and what it means for you.

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Personal Health Records Help Unprivileged Youth in California

Alex Bettencourt - May 6, 2011

wind youth services Personal Health Records Help Unprivileged Youth in California

The implementation of personal health records (PHRs) is gaining traction every day, and we’re proud to see it become especially popular in the San Francisco bay area. The Northern California Summit on Children and Youth was recently held in Richmond, California and the hottest topic of discussion was personal health records. When we heard this, it was music to our ears.

Why were personal health records such an important topic at this summit? Because the Health Shack Project and the Wind Youth Services, stole the show with the demonstration of their successful PHR initiatives among unprivileged youth in Northern California. (more…)

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Meet Dr. Soon-Shiong - Our Nation’s Game-Changer in Health Care

Alex Bettencourt - March 3, 2011

patricksoon shiong 300x210 Meet Dr. Soon Shiong   Our Nations Game Changer in Health Care

If you don’t know who Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is, you should. He’s the South African-American surgeon who was founder, chairman, and CEO of Abraxis BioScience, a biotechnology company developing cancer treatment.  He’s also part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and he recently acquired Vitality Glow Caps.

A revolutionary leader, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has made it his personal duty to improve our nation’s health with the expansion of wireless products. This recently caught the attention of CNBC reporter, Jane Wells. You can view her interview with him here.

In Wells’ recent interview with Soon-Shiong, she asks him what he plans to accomplish with his billion dollar investment in health care. Although Wells’ tone seems judgmental, Soon-Shiong gracefully explains how he wants to make the next generation of 21st century medicine available to the entire nation.

Soon-Shiong emphasizes the newest advancements in health care technology, “are not going to be made by molecular biologists, but by mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists figuring out a way to get all your health information together at the point of care.” (more…)

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The Revolution of mHealth

Alex Bettencourt - February 28, 2011

A Window of Opportunity for Digital Marketing

woman with smartphone The Revolution of mHealth

Marketing to patients has been the same for ages. Not much has changed from educating doctors to pass brochures and handouts to patients, to advertising on television and print to reach the masses. These conventional marketing channels are not effective anymore. (more…)

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