What are NetBooks?

Netbooks are becoming more and more popular.  In fact, more than 5 million were sold last year.  These small portable computers are designed specifically for Web-based communication and access.  Also commonly referred to as subnotebooks, they are lightweight and easy to carry – often about 20 to 50 percent smaller than standard laptops – making them a convenient way to stay connected to the Web, no matter where you are.

Because their capabilities are somewhat limited compared to traditional laptops and PCs, Netbooks are much less expensive (while standard laptop computers start at $400 or more, according to reports by PriceGrabber.com, nowadays you can get a Netbook for as little as $100).  For example, they have a lot less processing muscle, so you can’t use them to run sophisticated client/server applications or PC games that require a lot of horsepower.  And, many don’t include certain types of hardware like disc drives, so software or data must be downloaded directly from the Web, or accessed from a storage device that can be plugged into a USB port.

But, they’re ideal for people who want to do three things – browse Internet sites, send emails, or chat with friends, family members, and other contacts via AOL internet messaging, Yahoo chat, or other similar programs.

Netbooks are not only affordable, they’re just as easy to use as standard PCs.  In fact, because they don’t include all of those fancy advanced capabilities most users don’t need anyway, many experts believe they’re actually simpler.  Key features that come standard with most of today’s most popular Netbooks include:

  • A lightweight design – most weigh less than three pounds
  • USB ports
  • A built-in Webcam
  • Easy-to-read backlit screens, most in the 7 to 10 inch size range
  • Speakers
  • Support for wireless and mobile telephone networks

If you don’t have a computer, or the one you’ve got is outdated, then a Netbook can be an ideal way to access and use RememberItNow!  You can update your calendar, add new contacts or prescriptions, even receive alerts when a scheduled appointment approaches, or its time to take a dose of medication.  Netbooks are so economical that you can even buy an extra one for your caregiver, so they can help track your care activities and keep your information up-to-date at all times.

Most of the major PC companies offer a Netbook model, including Dell, HP, and Samsung.  They’re also available through smaller manufacturers such as Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, and MSI.  They can be purchased at any of the technology super-store chains, like Best Buy and PC Richards, as well as online sites like Amazon.com.

To learn more about Netbooks, and what makes them ideal for accessing and using RememberItNow!, visit Amazon to find the best one for you.

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