Mobile Health: The Future of Medical Care

The use of mobile and wireless appliances is on the rise among all age groups, even senior citizens, who now have access to devices with larger keypads and easier-to-read screens. As a result, mHealth  (healthcare activities that are supported by mobile technologies),  is becoming a hot trend within both the medical provider and patient communities.

With mHealth, critical care-related information to be collected, viewed, updated, and shared at any time, from any location, using any Web-enabled cell phone, smart phone, handheld PC, and PDA, or laptop.

What makes the emergence of mHealth so important?  With today’s advances in medicine, people are able to live more active lives, even when suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.  Because of new medications and treatment options, they are no longer bedridden or housebound – they can play golf, travel, or participate in a variety of other hobbies and activities.

mHealth allows patients like these to stay connected to their physicians and caregivers at all times.  For example, they can receive the results of laboratory tests while on vacation.  Or, they can check medication schedules or request prescription refills while out to dinner.  Some of the more advanced uses of mHealth can even allow for the monitoring of a patient’s vital signs in real-time, and the instantaneous sharing of that information with remote parties.

Additionally, physicians and other practitioners no longer spend day after day in their offices.  They visit patients in hospitals, they lecture at universities, etc.  With mHealth, they can keep the lines of communication open with their patients, as well as the nurses and administrative staff that work in their office, no matter where they are.

mHealth is more than just the application of technology to the practice of healthcare.  Many experts believe that it will revolutionize the medical industry, transforming the way patients interact with caregivers, and manage their own health-related activities.  mHealth paves the way for greater collaboration between people and the doctors, specialists, laboratories, and home health care aides that treat them.  It can even improve communication between patients, providers, and insurance companies.

But, perhaps most importantly, mHealth makes it easier for people to stick to their care regimens, without staying close to home.  Healthcare becomes more efficient, and ultimately, more successful.

RememberItNow! gives patients the ability to leverage the benefits of mobile health.  By making critical information, such as medication schedules and pending appointments, available from any mobile or wireless device, those with rigid care regimens can go on with their lives while still effectively managing their activities.  Additionally, RememberItNow provides a collaborative environment for patients, their physicians, friends and family members, and other care givers. Vital information can be shared and reviewed – anytime, anywhere – by all those who participate in treatment.

For more information about mHealth, or to learn more about the mHealth features and capabilities offered by RememberItNow!, visit our Web site at

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