Long Distance Care

Many people, particularly senior citizens, rely on home healthcare workers or private nursing services to assist with both their medical and personal needs. These caregivers help with everything from bathing and dressing, to administering medications and providing transportation to and from doctor visits – and are often hired by family members or friends that live too far away to care for the patient themselves.

But, the majority of these caregivers – more than 33 percent according to some studies – work on a part time basis. Which means assistance is delivered by several different caregivers in any given week, or even on a single day. Keeping track of each aide’s responsibilities and schedules can be quite a challenge, often leading to unnecessary stress for the remote family members, and concern on the part of the patient whether caregivers will arrive on time, or be there when needed.

Additionally, many of these workers live quite a long distance away from the people they serve, and are lacking an efficient and effective way to monitor important activities when they are away from a patient’s home.

RememberItNow! provides patients and their far-away family members with a simple, easy way to coordinate, manage, and track all caregiver activities.  Because it is Web-based, any authorized person who has a PC with an Internet connection can access or add data to the system. They can store details of each aide – who they are, where they live, what type of assistance they have been hired to provide, related fees, etc.  Additionally, they can coordinate schedules and keep track of who’s coming, when they’ll arrive, and what they’ll be doing.

Patients can also give any caregiver access to their calendars. This will enable them to check their schedules and confirm appointments, and to stay on top of any important patient activities taking place when they are not around (i.e. if the patient undergoes a surgical procedure and will require special care at the next visit).  It will also allow them to enter important notes in the health journal for the patient, family members, and other caregivers.  For example, if a laboratory test or a procedure is scheduled, the caregiver can let everyone know that the patient must fast for 12 hours beforehand. They can record the patient’s overall wellness, activity, meals, rest, and health statistics. They can also set reminders for patients, especially for medications.

Friends and family members can be given access to the information in RememberItNow! too, so they can assist in setting and coordinating assistance from various aides, scheduling physician visits, or setting reminders for medications, to ensure that all the patient’s needs are being met. Through the care community, everyone can be keep up to date, and can help to participate in a patient’s care, no matter where they are located.

For more information about RememberItNow, and how it can be used to improve the efficiency and quality of long distance care, visit our Web site at www.rememberitnow.com.

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