Get Smart About Smart Phones

When it comes to the latest and greatest “must have” technology gadget, smart phones are all the rage. A smart phone is just like a cell phone – only better. It has built-in capabilities that are a lot like those you get with a PC.

People who use smart phones can surf the Web, check email, send faxes, even run certain applications like photo editors, contact management software, and games. And some smart phones offer truly advanced capabilities, such as the ability to remotely connect to local computers or business networks.

The first true smart phone – the Blackberry – was introduced in 2001. While initially adopted by business people who needed to take their electronic address books with them when travelling, or access Web-based applications while on the road, today smart phones are quite common in both commercial and consumer applications. In fact, 38.1 million people bought a smart phone in the fourth quarter of 2008 alone, according to Gartner.  And, Juniper Research predicts that smart phone sales will top 300 million by 2012.

Among the most popular models are the Blackberry, the Nokia E and N series, and Apple’s iPhone.

The Blackberry Storm                                                                      The iphone blackberry storm Get Smart About Smart Phones

new iphone1 Get Smart About Smart Phones

Smart phones are relatively inexpensive, although prices will vary greatly based on power and functionality. The average smart phone will run a buyer about $185, according to NPD Research. But, some of the more advanced ones can cost $300 or more. Many cellular carriers will offer discount deals on smart phones when they’re purchased in conjunction with an extended service contract.

Smart phones can be purchased at Best Buy or other technology super-stores, office supply retailers such as Staples, or directly from your mobile service provider.  Some smart phone manufacturers, like Apple, sell them through their Web sites.


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