Top 10 Mobile Health and Patient Adherence Groups on LinkedIn

Alex Bettencourt - July 13, 2011

LinkedIn logo Top 10 Mobile Health and Patient Adherence Groups on LinkedIn

Interested in learning more about mobile health and medication adherence from real professionals in the healthcare industry? Look no further. Below are the top 10 groups on LinkedIn you can join to learn more about patient compliance and mHealth.

1. Patient Adherence Solutions (500+ members)

This group is for anyone interested patient medication adherence. All patients, providers, payers, administrators, innovators, technology companies, researchers and stakeholders are especially welcomed to join this group. Members are encouraged to learn, share, and comment on news articles and discussions. Members are also encouraged to submit patient adherence, compliance, and persistence articles and start discussions. It is requested that submissions and comments stay on topic.

2. Patient Adherence, Compliance & Communication Strategy for Pharma (2,000 + members)

Although this group is for pharmaceutical executives who wish to place the patient at the center of their marketing, retention and sales strategy, it’s also a great place for outsiders to get a sneak peek into the most biggest priority among patient marketers and see how compliance is handled.

3. Innovative Solutions for Patient Compliance in Pharmacy (241+ members)

This networking group is created to connect pharmaceutical manufacturers with retail pharmacies and their technology providers. If you are interested in sharing ideas and solutions for more targeted patient reach efforts at the point of service in the pharmacy, this group is for you.

4.  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (47,000 + members)

The HIMSS Group is constructed to stimulate discussion regarding the optimal use of health IT (HIT) and management systems. If you’re interested in the improvement of healthcare worldwide (which starts with patient adherence), you will like this group. Members frequently post questions and comments on the patient’s role and how it affects new advances in health care IT development. The goal of the discussion forum and subgroups is to lead change in the health IT and management systems field through knowledge sharing and communications among professionals.

5. Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit (573+ members)

This group has been set up to provide a forum for all people with a working interest in mobile healthcare and e-health innovation and implementation across networks, PCTS and NHS or equivalents, operators, device manufacturers, insurers, VCs, software applications developers and more. Although membership in this group is very diverse, you will often find frequent discussion on medication compliance and the role patients play in today’s health care.

6. Wireless Health (6,250+ members)

The Wireless Health group has over 6,000 global members and is a great resource for advancing professional knowledge and relationships. Here you will find an enthusiastic group of professional individuals interested in accelerating the adoption of wireless health and improving the health and well-being of all of us.

7.  Mobile Health and Medical APPs, Devices, Software & Technology (400 + members)

Discuss, comment and share your ideas on mobile health and medical devices, software, technology & APPs for iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, Windows Phone 7, Meego, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms. This group is mainly for those interested in promoting their APPs, but a great place for patients to get an exclusive peak at the latest mobile innovations. Feel free to leave suggestions on the forums; developers and mobile companies might take notice!  Because most members include health care providers & executives, pharma executives, health/medical technologists and other industry leaders, medication adherence is a hot topic of discussion too. 

8. Medication & Treatment Compliance
(66 + members)

Although this group has less than 100 members, it proves quality is better than quantity. The Medication & Treatment Compliance Forum is a private group for health plan professionals to access innovative strategies that improve health outcomes, quality and cost efficiency through improved compliance. If you are a health plan professional, and medication compliance is a high priority on your agenda, we strongly recommend sending the group leader a message with your request to join the group.

9. Innovation in Medication Adherence (115 + members)

Innovation in Medication Adherence group discussion is focused on pioneering actions that can or will make an impact on our nation’s “other drug problem.” This group also serves as an open discussion forum for sharing experiences, knowledge, insight, and questions related to medication adherence. The main objective of this forum is to stimulate new ideas and encourage next generation solutions; all feedback is welcome.

10. The Therapy Compliance Group (40 + members)

This group focuses on therapy compliance, which is also known as medication compliance or medication adherence. Although this is a small group, it is an open group for anyone interested in medication adherence. All members are encouraged to bring up their ideas, (no matter how big or small) related to medication compliance.

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