RememberItNow! Announces New Tweet Reminders to their eHealth Platform

Alex Bettencourt - June 7, 2011

RememberItNow! has enhanced its eHealth platform with new, educational Tweet tips. RememberItNow! Tweets are friendly reminders sent via text message, Push, or email to help users take control of their health.

Orinda, CA - June 07, 2011

In 2009, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than 133 million Americans have at least one chronic disease. Managing their chronic conditions and taking control of their health accounts for 75 percent of their health care expenses.

RememberItNow! chief executive officer and founder Pamela Swingley empathizes with the challenge these patients face. “We understand there is no ‘one-size fits all’ health care management tool. Millions of patients have to manage several conditions at a time, and it can be exhausting to manage your health with a scattered group of applications and tools,” she said. “This is why we have integrated fun RememberItNow! Tweets into our eHealth platform. Patients now have all their health information centralized on our platform, along with our new, entertaining, bite-sized health Tweets.”

RememberItNow! Tweets also encourage healthy improvements in patient behavior. “If we can accommodate different patient needs with at least one of our educational RememberItNow! Tweet categories, we can help improve patient behavior. By improving patient behavior, we can change chronic disease outcomes,” Swingley said. The Shroeder New England Journal of Medicine reported at least 40 percent of chronic disease outcomes were determined by patient behavior. “Changing behavior is tricky—but reminders can help in that process. Given the success of programs like Text4Baby, we’re excited to launch educational RememberItNow! Tweets to create a positive impact on patient health.”

The six RememberItNow! Tweet categories include:

Tweets4Wellness – Improving health IQ with funny, factual and inspirational wellness reminders.

Tweets4Heart – Heart-healthy tips to help one become inspired, laugh and learn.

Tweets4Baby - Daily funny, educational or inspirational tweets about pregnancy and babies.

Tweets4Diabetes - Diabetes intelligence perked up with fun, educational and motivating tips.

Tweets2Succeed - Humorous, enlightening and motivational tweets to help reach any goals.

Tweets4Care - Valuable care giving tips one can use to make caring for a loved one a little easier.

These new, timely reminders are sent out three times a week between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. RememberItNow! delivers Tweets via text, Push or email, and categories can also be customized at any time.

About RememberItNow!
RememberItNow! is a mobile, patient-centric eHealth platform that helps people manage their health through medication reminders, wellness feedback, personalized health information and a comprehensive personal health record. Privately-held, RememberItNow! is headquartered in Orinda, CA. Getting started is fast and free at

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