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Alex Bettencourt - February 24, 2011

Have you ever come across an inspirational quote that brightened up your day a little? Or maybe you were leafing through a magazine and stumbled upon an interesting fact you wish you could share with friends.

What if you could get those valuable little tips delivered to your mobile phone or email daily? Now you can! In case you haven’t noticed, we have added RememberItNow! Tweet tips. They are only sent to you three times a week, so it’s not overwhelming. RememberItNow! Tweets are simply little friendly tips and reminders. RememberItNow! Tweets can be sent to you via text message, Push, or email (similar to your normal RememberItNow! medication reminders) and you can choose from six different categories:
  • Tweets4Wellness - Improve your health IQ with funny, factual, or inspirational tweets.
  • Tweets4Heart - Heart health tips to help you get inspired, laugh and learn.
  • Tweets4Baby - Daily funny, factual, or inspiration tweets about pregnancy and babies.
  • Tweets4Diabetes - Perk up your diabetes intellect with fun tips written to help educate and motivate.
  • Tweets2Succeed - Humorous, factual, and motivational tweets to help you reach all your goals.
  • Tweets4Care - Valuable care giving tips you can use every day to make life a little easier.
You can customize your Tweet Tips anytime too. After logging into your account, simply click on “Resources” and “Tweet Messages” to customize your channels.

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