Tracking Your Wellness - In Less Than a Second

Alex Bettencourt - February 7, 2011

mobile caregiving double1 Tracking Your Wellness   In Less Than a Second

According to a recent study by the Journal of Pain, keeping a daily record of your wellness improves your health greatly. When you track your symptoms every day, health professionals can understand your condition better and provide more effective treatment.

Researchers at University of Utah and University of Washington gave 81 women with fibromyalgia a PDA (personal digital assistant) to track their sleep, fatigue, emotional distress, and other problems. The women reported their wellness and symptoms three times a day for thirty days.

Doctors no longer had a vague answer when asking a patient how they were feeling between visits. Instead, a full report and comprehensive understanding of fibromyalgia symptoms was in their hands when analyzing the data from the PDAs. This provided a window of opportunity to analyze and clarify relationships between certain fibromyalgia symptoms.

What if we all had this type of thorough evaluation during our medical visits? The good news is, we can! With the RememberItNow! Wellness Journal, you can create your own opportunity for more effective treatment and feedback from your health team - in less than 1 second a day!

We know it’s hard to manually to track your wellness. Not everyone has a PDA (or wants to carry one around), and no one wants to log in to a website to search for some sort of online journal and track their health. Who has time to write down their symptoms in a notebook or a special journal how they feel everyday?

Introducing, the new RememberItNow! Wellness Journal. We have recently added “push” messages to remind you to track you wellness in a really easy way.

When you get your Wellness reminder, all you have to do is simply click a star and your journal is updated. No more searching for that password to log in, no more carrying around a small notebook and pen. No more hassle!

The new RememberItNow! Wellness Journal creates a 360 degree view of your health and still allows you to share data with your health team. Also, when you view the your Wellness Journal in chart form, it allows you to spot trends immediately and take control of your health.

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