SMS Medication Reminders Work – Study Among Teens Prove It

Alex Bettencourt - October 18, 2010

texting teens SMS Medication Reminders Work – Study Among Teens Prove It

If you visit any random high school class right now you will find one out of three teens rapidly text-messaging away on their cell phone, according to the 2010 the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The study also stated fifty percent of teens send 50 or more text-messages per day, and one in three send over 100 text-messages per day.

This may seem over the top, but if you ask Dr. Jennifer Dyer, an endocrinologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio, it opens up a large window to communicate with teenagers.

After realizing most of her teen diabetic patients were missing 9-11 boluses per week, (the majority of their insulin treatments) Dyer wondered, “Why not remind teens to take their medicine through a text-message?” She soon developed a pilot program of text-message insulin reminders via text-message and the results surpassed her expectations.

After sending text reminders for three months, Dyer reported her patients were three times less likely to miss a dose. The success of the medication reminders impelled Dyer to also develop an iPhone app that would allow doctors to send their patients personalized and automatic text messages at any time.

Learn more about Dyer’s medication adherence project with text-messaging here.  To learn more about other text-message medication reminder study’s click here.

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