Health 2.0 Conference; Exceeded Expectations

Pamela Swingley - October 13, 2010

Things have started to return to normal after last week’s Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.  The energy at the show was amazing, with many of us getting by with just a few hours of sleep each night. Media hype is one way to measure success,

“What we heard today was to me something like the mobile phone system; it kind of snuck in quietly. It didn’t say it was going to replace the landline phones. It just appeared.”

– Esther Dyson  

I use a more personal yardstick.

1. Your voice sounds like an 80-year-old smoker.
2. You stumble when you get out of bed because your feet hurt; alot.
3. You stay up to 3:00 am outlining new product features for your developers.
4. You reluctantly catch the last BART train out of the City.
5. It takes an entire day to follow up on connections.
6. You start planning for next year’s show.

The highlight of the conference for me was the Patient 2.0 session on Wednesday. I got the chance to hear from empowered patient leaders including the inexhaustible ePatient Dave, passionate Regina Holliday, and the quietly powerful Diem Brown of MedGift.

After a long, and isolating last few years of product development, the Patient 2.0 panel restored the passion I had when I began this startup adventure.

Before we wrote one single line of code we spoke with patients of all ages, with different health needs as how we could help them take control of their health or the health care of someone they love. Here’s what they told us:

1. Accesible - I’m busy living my life. Easy logon, single integrated solution, at work, at home, on the go.
2. Mobile/SMS - I have my phone with me all the time, and don’t need another device.
3. Easy to use. Computers are hard and often scary. Facebook and email are what I’m most comfortable with.
4. Help me to take the right pill, at the right time, in the right dose.
5. Help me get organized and share information with family, friends, caregivers, providers - if necessary.
6. Be flexible to work the way I do.
7. Be trustworthy, and available through sources I trust.

We built our patient-centric eHealth platform with these guidelines in mind. We’re looking forward to making RememberItNow! even more valuable as we push ahead on data integration and partnering with innovative and complementary solutions.

I’m more committed than ever to the path we’ve chosen, and am very grateful to play a part in the Health 2.0 revolution.

View our Prezi: Patient-Centric eHealth, What’s That?
Watch our story, featuring my sweet Dad who forgets his pills, all the time.

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