Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!

Alex Bettencourt - September 10, 2010

vaulticon 300x225 Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!Have you ever wished you could keep track of all your important medical records in a safer place than a flimsy folder?

Do you ever find yourself searching for that little piece of paper listing important information about your visit in the hospital ages ago?

Now you can track all that information and more with the RememberItNow! Vault. We have recently updated our software with the features you asked for. The RememberItNow! Vault allows you to track all of your medical history and store your medical records. Get a glimpse of the new Vault page below:

vault preview Unlock Your New RememberItNow! Health Vault!

Adding a medical event is easy with the click of our signature big orange button titled, “Add Medical Event.”  Medical events can be categorized and sorted chronologically to help make your search for something easier.

Uploading medical documents is also a piece of cake; simply click the orange button “Upload Medical Record,” browse through the documents you choose to upload from your computer, and upload. There is no limit as to how many documents you need to upload.

Imagine you are visiting your parents and they want to see a picture of their unborn grandson, and you forgot the picture of the ultrasound. With RememberItNow!, you can now download the file on any computer at any time.

If you’re interested in sharing your medical history with your doctor or another member of your health team, you can do that too. You can either print or email your medical history report and choose what time line you want to include in your report as well.

You can also access your medical history from anywhere at anytime. Check you medical history online, on your phone, and on the go. This is especially convenient for visiting the doctor or filling out important paper work asking for your medical history. It’s hard to remember everything, that’s why RememberItNow! does it for you.

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