“RememberItNow! Medication Reminders Have Been a Lifesaver”

Alex Bettencourt - July 1, 2010

mother and daughter walking RememberItNow! Medication Reminders Have Been a Lifesaver

We recently heard from one of our customers about how much she loves RememberItNow! medication reminders. Her enthusiasm was so contagious, we had to share.

Sharon  lives near Sacramento, California with her five children and loving husband, Jim. Sharon and Jim keep a pretty tight schedule balancing full-time jobs and family duties.

Their five children all have different school schedules and activities making it difficult to stay organized. On top of all the rushing around, their youngest daughter Hannah requires a lot of attention due to her illness and recent frequent seizures.

Hannah requires three to five medications per day to help control her seizures. Managing all of Hannah’s medications can be a challenge, but it’s especially hard in the middle of the day. Sharon sighs, “It was so easy to miss a dose in the afternoon because I was running errands, working, picking up the kids from practice, or taking them to and from school. The RememberItNow! text-message medication reminders have been a lifesaver!”

Sharon loves our SMS reminders because they are reliable and she doesn’t have to worry about hauling around a pill box or something else for her daughter’s mid-day dosage. A simple text-message to her cell phone is seamless and straightforward.

Sharon also appreciates the patient-centric design behind RememberItNow! She remarks, “It’s an absolutely beautiful software application. Jim is a computer programmer and he can’t get over how much he loves it, and how easy and useful it’s been.”

Sharon and her medical team are working hard to find that solution to Hannah’s seizures. In the meantime, RememberItNow! helps to keep Hannah on her med schedule and avoid some pretty horrible consequences of a missed medication. “We haven’t missed as many medications and have followed through with every prescription. It’s taken a lot of the worry out of managing Hannah’s meds.”

We’re grateful to play a part in keeping Hannah health and happy. Stories like Sharon are what makes our jobs worthwhile. If you have a story to share, let us know here.

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