RememberItNow! Improves Employee Productivity with eHealth Features

Alex Bettencourt - June 28, 2010

RememberItNow! eHealth service helps lessen the impact of caregiving from the office with new software features that increase employee productivity and provide peace of mind.

Orinda, CA - June 30, 2010- RememberItNow! LLC announced today new additions to their eHealth service, making long-distance care easier.

According to a 2009 study by AARP, over seven in ten caregivers were employed at some time when caregiving. Among them, two-thirds have gone in late, left early, or taken time off to deal with caregiving issues. That means 66% of caregivers are struggling to find a balance between work and care.

“When I started RememberItNow! I was working full-time and trying to manage my father’s health care. I didn’t know who his doctors were, or how to keep track of all his medical information. Keeping the family updated on his health was a challenge. In addition, Dad kept forgetting to take his pills, and I wanted an easy way to remind him, without being a nag,” reflects Pam Swingley, CEO and founder of RememberItNow!”

A caregiver spends 20 hours per week on care-related tasks, similar to a part-time job. This unproductive time impacts their efficiency at work, and adds to the stress of caring for a loved one. RememberItNow! makes it easier to manage care from the office and provide caregivers with peace of mind by:

* Improving medication compliance.
Text or email reminders to a patient’s cell phone ensure the right medication is taken at the right time, in the right dose. This improves patient health and reduces health care costs.

* Creating a private interactive heath team.
Family, caregivers, and health care providers
can stay connected through a patient’s account (with customized privilege levels), share information and coordinate care.

* Simplifying health care management.
New and e
asy-to-use eHealth tools include a health journal, website bookmarks, medical history, contact management, and health charts and reports, which can be printed, emailed, and shared. Home care workers can make updates throughout the day, without the need for intrusive status phone calls.

*Always staying connected.
RememberItNow! is available on any mobile smart phone, making it easy to check on a loved one during a lunch break or on-the-go. Stay connected on Facebook, too, with RememberItNow! shared wellness journal updates.

To learn more about RememberItNow’s long-distance care features visit:

ABOUT RememberItNow! LLC

RememberItNow! makes eHealth easy. Designed from the patient’s point-of-view, it is simple to schedule medication reminders, maintain a personal health record, and create an interactive private health team. Getting started is fast and free.

RememberItNow’s patient-centric SaaS platform is also available to healthcare providers, employers, and long-term care facilities. Headquartered in Orinda, CA, RememberItNow! is privately held.

Media Contact:

Alex Bettencourt

Phone: 925-254-8936


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