Healthcare IT Predictions We Like

Pamela Swingley - January 19, 2010

Chilmark Research has picked their Top 10 healthcare IT predictions for 2010. A tricky task given this fast changing market.

Here are three predictions that bode well for RememberItNow! Read the entire top 10 here.

  • Consolidation will Accelerate: Large HIT vendors will acquire smaller firms to either meet meaningful use guidelines (e.g. acquire PHR company to meet 2013 requirements) and move into adjacent downstream markets. Don’t be surprised if a large IT vendor from outside the industry makes a buy to move into this now lucrative market.
  • Second Gen mHealth Apps Enter Market – Melding of Smartphones and Devices Remains Nascent: With literally thousands of mHealth apps now available, most of them crappy one dimensional apps, we will begin seeing more sophisticated mHealth apps enter the market.
  • Baby Boomers Struggle Caring for Their Parents – Seek Solutions: In the last week in casual conversation the topic of caring for elderly parents among my baby boomer peers has come up on several occasions.  This is quickly becoming a very big problem for many of us as we struggle to insure our parents are healthy, or at least being well taken care of, while we reside in the next city, state or maybe even country.

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