Health 2.0 Conference - Cool New Companies

Pamela Swingley - October 8, 2009

We didn’t attend the Health 2.0 conference, and as I read the coverage of new health applications I have to admit to a bit of jealousy for those companies that could afford to participate. The show featured a number of exciting new health solutions, backed by innovative entrepreneurs. One of the best roundups of these new companies was done by Amy Tenderich, from the popular Diabetes Mine blog.

We let out a cheer when we read Amy’s observation:

“Once again, I heard a lot of talk about the importance “patient-centeredness,” amongst dozens of demos of online tools that 1) looked awfully techy and sometimes hard to use, and 2) didn’t always appear to put patients’ real-life needs front and center. But still, many interesting new ways to use technology to track and improve our health are on the horizon, no doubt!”

We’ve noticed the lack of patient-centric solutions as well — that’s why we built  RememberItNow! Every aspect of our service was designed with the patient’s needs in mind. From high interactivity and intuitive interface, to a managable feature set, to easy signup, phone support and no questions cancellation - it’s all from the patient’s point of view.

You can experience RememberItNow! yourself, for free. We’re in beta now, collecting feedback from all types of users. Sign up for your account today.

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